Caspian Integrated Amplifier (M series -1)
INTEGRATED amplifier

Caspian Integrated Amplifier (M series -1)

'Transparency and clarity, pin sharp imaging, dynamics and timing' are the brief for this amplifier. This state of the art micro processor controlled 85w/channel power house uses superior quality components combined with an intricate circuit lay out on dual mono designed modules. This allows the amplified signal to be as pure as possible with a wide bandwidth and very low distortion. Each section of the circuit board topology is designed to provide optimum performance.

The high quality motorised potentiometer avoids any imprint on signal and allows fine volume control.

The excellent built in protection circuitry puts the amplifier into automatic standby and self test mode if the system is inadvertently shorted.

The micro processor and logic controls are on a separate circuit board mounted behind the front panel and away from the amplifier section. Powered by its own dedicated regulators, optimum isolation between logic and music signals is achieved.

The Caspian handles the music with superb composure and control. Its midrange remains solid at all times whilst the lower frequencies have bags of punch to produce a deeper and tighter bass.

Terrific definition runs across the frequency range helping to dig up the subtle detail that most amps simply miss.

This amplifier is designed and built to a specification suitable for use with the best available source and loudspeaker components.


Caspian Integrated Amplifier (M Series -1) Information Manual
PDF 162K - Version: 1.07

Caspian Integrated Amplifier (M Series -1) User Manual
PDF 719K

Safety Instructions User Manual
PDF 172K


Hi-Fi News Award 2004

Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2003-2004

5 stars

"Bold, poised presentation; excellent low-frequency insight"

"This has the punch and agility of top heavy weight - a fine piece of equipment"

Issue April 2004


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