Caspian Mono Block (M series -1)

Caspian Mono Block (M series -1)

The new look Caspian Mono Power Amplifier with its fully symmetrical complimentary circuit design benefits from split power supply utilising two sets of high speed, high efficiency bridge rectifier diodes and two sets of main reservoir smoothing capacitors. The front stage has low noise transistors with high current drivers feeding the output devices. Use of many superior quality components and dual power supply design allow the amplifier to have wider bandwidth, lower distortion and more dynamic range. Improved ventilation for cooler running ensures longer periods of increased sound pressure level before thermal protection cut out point. Thanks to its new higher power output devices, high specification coupling capacitors, signal and driver transistors and improved design, the Caspian Mono Amplifier has deep tight accurate bass, an open life like mid range and smooth detailed extended top end with incredible speed and control over the loudspeakers. Combined with precise timing, finesse and sound staging the Caspian MSERIES-1 is a world class amplifier to partner the best components in pure audio or high-end A/V systems.

Caspian Stereo Power Amplifier

Caspian power amplifier

Caspian Stereo Power Amplifier is a state of the art micro processor controlled 70W/channel stereo power amplifier. Attention to detail and the build quality of the Caspian range is extended to the power amplifier to compliment this versatile and upgradeable system.

Designed around the power amplifier section of the Caspian integrated, this amplifier offers a chain facility to multi-amp allowing for timeless upgradeability and continued performance enhancement for the system.

When set to Manual mode, it functions in the same manner as the standby mode of the Caspian Integrated Amplifier. The Auto mode however, will automatically set the power amplifier into standby when there is no music signal for more than five minutes.The power amp in Auto mode will 'wake up' automatically as soon as it. senses the incoming music signal making it ideal for multi-amp applications.

The Caspian Power Amplifier utilises a 350VA ultra low noise low leakage transformer and fully symmetrical complimentary circuit design with the same gain as the power stage of the integrated amplifier. Power supply failure, short circuit and thermal over load protection circuits are similar to that of the integrated amplifier making them ideal partners.


Caspian Mono Block (M series -1)
New all silver front panel with red indicator light
New chassis with increased ventilation
Split power supply (x2 High efficiency rectification and smoothing capacitors)
Higher output power (100 Watts/Channel into 8, 175 W/Ch into 4)
Dedicated output protection with high current relay
Auto sensing standby function
Chain signal output
350VA ultra low noise, low leakage Toroidal transformer
Power supply failure detection
Pre power-up diagnostic check
Two sets of gold plated speaker output binding posts
Gold plated RCA signal connectors

Caspian Stereo Power Amplifier
Manual standby function
Auto standby function
Preamplifier input
Chain output for multi-amping
Status display
Short circuit protection
350VA ultra low noise, low leakage Toroidal transformer
Power supply failure detection
Pre power-up diagnostic check
Gold plated input RCA connectors and speaker output binding posts

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