Caspian Pre Amp
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Caspian PRE amplifier (M series -1)

The performance of the Caspian M-series preamplifier is truly high-end displaying attack, speed, clarity and musicality that are second to none. Deep, tight and fully controlled bass, most natural transparent mid range, a smooth and detailed top end with precise timing and enhanced sound staging are hallmarks of this pre amplifier.

This is a dual mono, complimentary, fully symmetrical design with four regulated power rails for Left and Right channel amplification section, two regulated power rails for the buffer section and two regulated power rails for an optional internal phono amplifier.

There are two sets of high efficiency ultra fast rectification and main smoothing reservoir capacitors that feed the eight low impedance, low noise regulators for the amplifier circuit.

The control and logic circuits have their own independent regulated power supplies to eliminate unwanted interference with the audio section.

The Caspian M-series preamplifier is designed using superior quality components to provide a clean, crisp and perceptive presentation that captures every vocal nuance. Its wide bandwidth, low distortion and excellent dynamic range provide a true high-end performance. With its classic and timeless aesthetics the Caspian M series pre amplifier is in a class of its own and will compliment and enhance the performance of any high-end source.


Caspian Pre Amplifier Information Manual
PDF 164 K (Version: 1.07)

Caspian Pre Amplifier (M series -1) User Manual
PDF 357K

Safety Instructions User Manual
PDF 172K


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