• Caspian MSeries preamplifier
    2x Caspian MSeries monoblock
    Winner - Five Stars
    What Hi-Fi? September 2004
    : "This Roksan is an excellent buy that puts most of the opposition to shame when it comes to sonic ability".

  • Caspian MSeries-1 CD player
    Five Stars
    What Hi-Fi? May 2004

  • Caspian MSeries-1 CD player
    Five Stars
    What Hi-Fi? March 2004

  • Caspian Integrated Amplifier
    Mike Driscoll & Steve Berg
    (PDF 640 KB)
    The Audiophile voice, 2003

  • Caspian M-Series CD player and Integrated Amplifier
    Best Buy
    Hi-Fi Choice December 2003
    (PDF 775 KB)

  • Caspian MKII
    Five Stars

    What Hi-Fi? 2003
  • Caspian Integrated Amplifier MKII
    (PDF 230 KB)
    Hi-Fi Choice, March 2003
  • Roksan Caspian IA Integrated Amplifier
    The Audio Voice Volume 8, Issue 1 2002
    "Roksan's IA integrated is a fine-sounding amp; at $1500, it's a steal!"

    In their latest ultra high end amplifier supertest where all products received at least four stars, the Roksan Caspian integrated amplifier came first with 5 Gold Stars. What Hi Fi? says " the Caspian has no weaknesses ". Amongst the contenders in the group were Naim, Creek, Arcam, Musical Fidelity and Copland.
  • Roksan Caspian DSP
    The home cineaste's Holy Grail?
    WHAT HI-FI? February 2000

  • Roksan Caspian Power amplifier
    Four-channel Roksan power amp delivers
    WHAT HI-FI? December 1999

  • Roksan Caspian Integrated Amplifier
    WHAT HI-FI? November 1999

  • Roksan Caspian FM tuner
    John Borwick is suitably impressed
    Gramophone April 1999

  • Rock with Roksan
    Hi-Fi News & Record Review December 1999

  • Get Your Roks Off!
    Equally talented with both multi and two channel sounds. A great buy.

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