Caspian Integrated CD Player (M series -1)

The new look Caspian Integrated CD Player utilises many superior quality components and all new double-sided 2 oz copper D/A and Mother board. To enhance performance, all the power supplies and their components feeding the digital and analogue circuits have been up rated for lower distortion, lower noise and more dynamic range. Increased ventilation for cooler running and modified power supply to the display has ensured much improved longevity. The servo circuit for the laser has been improved for better performance and playability of difficult to read CD-R discs. Thanks to improved power supplies, high specification coupling capacitors, super precision master clock and new D/A and Mother board the new Caspian has tighter and better defined bass, more open and detailed the mid range with an extended yet smoother top end.

These improvements ensure better timing, dynamics and sound staging that compliment the new Caspian range. The classic, timeless aesthetics of the Caspian MSERIES-1 coupled with superb audio performance make this integrated CD player a must for any high-end system.

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