Caspian Stereo Power Amplifier
Stereo power amp

Caspian Stereo Power Amplifier (M series-1)

This 85 watts / channel stereo power amplifier is built to the same rigorous standards as the Caspian mono-block with the same attention to detail and clarity of sound quality. It is designed for multi-amping with the Caspian integrated amplifier or to be partnered with the Caspian pre amplifier.

The Caspian M-series stereo is built using superior quality components used in the Caspian mono block and the power section of the Caspian Integrated amplifier.

Precise timing, enhanced sound staging and excellent loudspeaker control have aided to redefine the performance of this world reference amplifier.

Complete with its new yet classic timeless aesthetics, the Caspian M series stereo is an amplifier in a class of its own.


Caspian Power Amplifier User Manual
PDF 692K (Version: 3.27)

Safety Instructions User Manual
PDF 172K


5 Stars

"Vigorous, dynamic sound with effortless authority; usual unburstable Roksan build quality"

"A barnstorming power amp, with the deep-breathing ability to bring even moribund recordings to life"

Issue December 2004

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