Home theatre
Caspian Range

Caspian DSP
Full functional remote control
Front panel fluorescent display
Standby mode
Overload indicator light
Master volume control
30dB mute function
Dolby Pro Logic*
24 Bit, 96KHz digital to analogue conversion
5.1 channel surround sound and signal output
5.1 channel and Pro Logic Downmix to 2 channels
Two by-passed analogue inputs (One 5.1 Channel)
Two further analogue inputs
A/D Conversion (level trim on analogue 3 and 4 inputs)
Tape output
AC-3 and RF 4 digital inputs
Video switching link output
Bass management setup
Test tone for surround sound output level calibration
Centre, left surround & right surround display setting
Input level trim function
Dynamic range compression
9 Regulated internal power supplies
125 VA Ultra low noise, low leakage Toroidal transformer

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